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Lion's Pride

by Chymes

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(You hear the Chymes in the Universe
Cherry D and the Rhyme Flow
Fusion as we do the verse)

Pink mane and you think shame
But I beg to differ, in the midst of the river is the big game
Lion living in the labyrinth of your legacy
Quiet individual you learn, better take a seat
Stolen from your mother is another thing
Learning of her worth from the words of the others is discovering
Other wrinkles in her past only makes her fascinatingly vast
With such a grace and a class that
It kind of sticks an almost mythical perception
Historical confessions brings in ethical sets of questions, like:
Who’d ever think non-terrestrials
Embedded in the sediment would ever be celestial?
And that these Gems would be imminent,
Cemented in the annals of time, in every battle you find them
Would only be the very tip of the iceberg
Time’s the device that can nicely comprise her.
But sacrifice is her M.O.
And everything she gave in the name of your fame is your ammo.
So, it’s only right that the weapons that she’s coveted
Is lying in the mind of the Lion that she’s summoned in
And if you ever wanted access
Take a deep breath, dive in the nexus
Face in the mane and the plain you’ll discover
The real love of a Mother

You're holding on to the visions of your dreams
Your fears, your mind is divine inside
In the night you can see her through your tears
Your pain, but you remain, the lion’s pride

And you’ve never had to bend on your beliefs
'Cause the love she embedded in your soul makes you see
Keeps you open-minded, you finding the light within others
Every fight has solutions, every enemy’s a brother
In other words, your mother is in everything you touch
You make her proud every time you thriving in the clutch
And life is such an enigmatic position
No matter what the mission you battle with ample conviction
And that’s the core of the Universe, the shield of the soul
Steven, it’s the reason you whole
And even though you wanna grow, just believe in your goals
I guarantee we’ll walk on water while they’re leaving the fold
Call it the “path of your destiny”
and friends who would ride 'til the end share the best of me
'Cause I will do what I’m meant to
Fight for you, ride for you, die to defend you
And then, when the world’s near it’s end
Pull the weapon from within me, for then we begin
See humanity’s a gift, not a pest inconsequential
Because friendship’s essential and that love’s exponentially
Potential for an energy that makes the world move
Eventually you’ll do what a man has to do
In the time of need, you’re finding that your power from inside
Is just the heart of the lion, and in Lion - there’s the Pride

Holding on to the visions of your dreams
Your fears, your mind is divine inside
In the night you can see her through your tears
Your pain, but you remain, the lion’s pride

You’re the son, you’re the stars, you’re the Universe
And you can make a difference in this world, you can break the curse
Through the eyes of the storm you will rise
You’re the riot, you’re the force, and defiant you’re the Pride


released July 6, 2016




cxdr Sydney, Australia

2011-2017 ✩ music for magical girls ✩

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