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#rare archives vol​.​01

by cxdr

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barn / harry 02:59
late 2012 - tried to make a very abstract remix of Raise This Barn; dropped the idea after various failed attempts at structuring + adding lyrics, plus enough remixes came out anyways. resurrected in early 2014 after friend Harry asked me to make BGM for his youtube channel. loops seamlessly
menu 01:08
late 2012 - a friend asked me to do some music for a li'l flash game that i don't think came to fruition - this was bgm for the main menu. loops seamlessly. always loved this and ended up putting some of these chords into Contrast
home 01:49
late 2012 - from the same game as 'menu' - this was bgm for your character's house. inspired by the minecraft ost. also loops seamlessly. one of the nicest things i've ever made tbh
nightswim 01:48
early 2014 - wrote an "oppressively Baths"-y guitar ditty while browsing beautiful pictures of Luna on devArt. got stuck on where to take it, decided to leave it as this short n sweet loop...
mid 2014 - ... until one day EnsionD sent me a really cute glitchy drum beat he was working on. i glitched it further and layered nightswim over it hoping for a revelation. nothing came of it ofc; nyx finally came about a year later. s2g i'm going to use these drums in something some day (thanks in advance EnD)
mr whispers 01:09
mid 2013 - listened to Pet Sounds for the first time, sampled Let's Go Away For a While. somehow this happened. sent this to Rhyme Flow at one point and he just kinda went "what." fair
late 2012 - Objects in Space had just dropped and i was going thru a bit of a chopped and screwed phase. made this at 1am while waiting for a cat i was taking care of to come inside for the night. he was a beautiful cat
a cupella 00:44
early 2013 - quick 'n' cute vocal practice. ended up using the non-lyrical vocals in the 'cxdr edit' on the Cupcake single. one of my friends insists that this is the best thing i've made and it's all been downhill since this
safe 02:31
late 2011 - revised throughout 2012. cute little drum beat, Mutemath bass sample, triplet synth is ripping off a Seekae tune. recipe for perfection. played this at a band comp once and layered it with Adult Swim dialogue samples and honestly it was great
late 2011 and hoooo does it show. this is maybe the oldest thing i have that i actually still like. shitty synths and drums but pretty nice harmonic movement. spent a long time trying to put rainbow dash's 'at the gala' vocals over this, who fucking knows why
shutdown 00:46
mid 2013 - experiment with clicky pitched percussion and lasers (the pew pew sound was made by an adorable elevator call button that i recorded on my phone). this was the point in my life where i put the Clarity acapella into everything i was working on and i was only half ironic about it. abandoned this when i realised i was doing the same bullshit chords i always do
early 2014(?) - i mash up RD/RA with Little Jinder - Youth Blood (12th Planet and Flinch Remix). i can't find the original but i salvaged this trap redux made by Quix. perfection improved
mid 2012 - made for a glitch-themed toastbeard. it was a WIP then - i wanted to expand this heaps!! i had a start and a finish and nothing in between (just jammed them together here). once every year i reopened the project, made it sound a bit better, but gave up again. this is me putting it to bed once and for all
errytiem 00:27
late 2013 - "so what's all this 'trap music' the kids are listening to these days?"
late 2012 - Neon (aka pino) sends me a 5/4 dubsteppy drum beat and tells me to do something with it. i do something with it. think i added those wonky hats in the middle after discovering Two Fingers
mid 2012 - cool beat! always liked this chord progression and ended up using it in Hymn of the Haunted Hunter. played this at a band comp once and completely fucked it up. that guitar 'solo' is fucking atrocious but i needed something to fill the time... let the record show i used this Game of Thrones sample before sakuraburst did
bullseye 00:22
late 2013 - samples wynton marsalis playing with his band on an episode of mr rogers neighbourhood. god bless mr rogers <3
late 2012 - areographe has remixed basically every song i've ever made and i couldn't even finish ONE remix of his. i'm the worst. one day i will revamp this with some mad footwork production and make him proud of me. samples sigur ros, yourenigma, tim and eric
early 2012 - friend Amber asked me and two other music friends to remix this terrible song as a birthday present to her. one of my first forays into heavy sampling and breakcore. atrocious all around but i'm still somehow strangely proud of this monstrosity
mid 2014 - late night fucking around with my tragically underused DL4 loop/delay pedal


rare / unfinished / unreleased bric-a-brac from 2011-2014; an acceptable ratio of 'surprisingly cool' to 'enjoyably silly.' click Lyrics to read a little history + timestamp of each tune


released March 12, 2016

nb: a lot of these were transcoded from salvaged mp3s so don't bother w high quality downloads =3=




cxdr Sydney, Australia

2011-2017 ✩ music for magical girls ✩

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