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Lost No Longer

by Cherax Destructor

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The Rescue 05:49
lying facedown drunk on the sidewalk thinking of her is it love or all of this booze that's got me confused? i'm not sure it's late and it's cold and you just called to say hello i should be there for you i could be your rescue you need each other go to her, go to her no time to wonder go to her, go to her how long you've yearned for this an end to all your loneliness now you've earned this sweet success after all these years spent alone, i'm finally found feel my heart in straight-time pound to the beat of this strange new sound so drunk on you the way you move, your sunset tunes nothing's how we'd planned it (one more step towards me) we have to take this gambit (with your shaking body) you need each other go to her, go to her don't stop to wonder go to her, go to her every moment's led to this flustered glance and fumbled kiss now you deserve this happiness (take you through the cold and snow to that place we've never known) i just need to let you know...
Braden+ 02:55
come over and nap with me, i want you
Sister 04:53
bright moon, is this what you meant? can i be bettered by this terror? is this helping...? would you visit me again? reassure me 'cause god i need to hear your voice wake me up oh sister if you could see me, at a distance the strength in my grip but not the tears in my eyes no, you can never see me suffer and tear this masquerade asunder glimpse the child beneath the pain that i am under ... oh sister pick me up you've braved monsters - what's a little water? oh sister please hurry up that rushing sound growing louder and louder now
put away your futile theodicy for a moment, please and let's be real there's no rhyme, not a reason to be found in all your leather-bound philosophy we are trapped in some heartless master plan that's gone off track make it stop! all these pinpricks of the heart all the pain you say is surely for the greater good i don't believe you that's enough i'll tear the world apart with a bang or with a whimper, bring an end to this sadistic joke at our expense burn down everyone and everything in sight destroy our heartless master's plan from the inside
Window 05:21
you're always there with a skip in your step and a grin from the heart that parts to make way for a laugh that makes everything bearable god, what i'd give to love living like you do believe me, i've tried so sick to my guts of how shitty i feel all the time, all the time i'm on the outside looking in on your dream-like life drowning and desperate for help, i cling to your lifeboat smile from your window, i can see this whole town this high up it's a long way down but you float on by as i try not to fall how do you do it, girl? let me in to your world this purest light, untouched by song or smile it burns my weaker mind how on earth can you survive? what innocence could thrive behind those bright little eyes and not be paralysed in every single moment it's alive? from your window, i can see this whole town this high up it's a long way down but you float on by as i try not to fall how do you do it, girl? show me the ways of your world
You Tried 04:21
i don't know who i'm talking to if this is getting through, but... this could truly be the end and all you wanted was the best but for yourself or for your friends? and at whose expense? you didn't think things through enough again you realise just where the problem lies a truth so hard to face: this was all your dumb idea in the first place oh, you feel your grip begins to slip on selves and others in the crowd the definitions now are slowly drowned you tried to be yourself in a sea of strangers doing the same thing becoming more you than you ever could but there's a plan to make this right fix the mess that you have made hang on tight now, don't give up just keep your head above the waves just maintain, the rescue party's on its way (concentrate) set your gaze and focus on the friendship that's at stake (you tried your best) as you try to break away from these doppelgängers reflections of someone the world thought was you and only you knew better (you tried your best)
Okabe 05:37
a fickle clock that documents my slow decay i'm hollowed out and stagger backwards into yesterday but i can't stay her hand the girl gets shot again but what is left to scan and send? how many times until i'm spent? world lines start to fray and split i'm so afraid but won't admit and i can't stay her hand the girl gets shot again again again please stop dying in my arms i can only take so many times this is fucking killing me inside blood stains on my hands show me there's a plan please stop dying in my arms
Airships 04:28
a perfect day to drift away nothing but clear skies ahead no clouds around (the sparkling sea) to slow us down (so far beneath) nothing but clear skies ahead so just relax the wind at our backs nothing but clear skies ahead


released July 24, 2013

album art by Nicole Hadjimichael

additional drums on Our Heartless Master performed by Xavier Rubetzki Noonan, mixed by Luke Midworth
guitar solo on Airships performed by Lee Sullivan

huge thanks to -
Priya, Kevin, Harrison, Braden, Tyler, Michael, Andrew: for all your pre-listening advice + friendships
Luke: for putting up with my constant WIPs
Lee + Xavier: for the music, the songs we're singing
the world: thanks for having me




cxdr Sydney, Australia

2011-2017 ✩ music for magical girls ✩

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