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Step Through 04:39
(RF) Don't ask me about gods. Pantheons and beyond. Let's forget about the Zodiac, pass it on. This ain't about knowin your fate cause that is wrong. This is... a little lesson, you learn to live. I ain't offerin' much, but I've got words to give. - In this world we have, we're but a mere speck in the timeline. So our life sits on a fine line. In this span you exist. Every opportunity's a down you could blitz So you better swing man, dig in, every pitch 'cause they say, every shot you don't take - you miss. See the doors open up for you. But that's the first step. Going in is up to you. Life is short, so you better figure what to do. It's true, that's the best you - step through. So, what i'm trying to say. Focus your attention on now, today. Take aim when life's makes you pound the pavement. Astound yourself when you've found your statement. Yeah, 'cause it doesn't always circulate. Miss your once chance, then it's gonna hurt to wait. Wear the dunce cap, thinking that it's worth the wait When the fact is, you were simply worse than late. Elevate when you can. Reach for your goals, then you hasten your plans. When you fold, it'll never beat Aces in hand. When you see that the coast is clear - take the chance. I believe in you, I mean it. An anybody telling you otherwise can beat it. So short is our lifetime. When you step through the door, every time, that's the right time. You're bound to do great. Every step you take's outrunning your fate. And never hesitate. See the chance? Seize it, gun it out of the gate. The future's never set straight. Choose your path right now, it's the best date. And even when all of your plans are the best laid Roll with the punches, chalk it up as a test aid. Just think, step through and press play. Trust me, and you'll see your best days. Don't blink. Step through and press play - Just trust Chymes and you'll see your best days. ~ I don't know what the answer is But I know, every second life is passing us. And it's hazardous to live without this happiness So this door we go through is the path we must. (CxDr) all we have passes us by at the speed of life just - trust yourself there's no time to think twice love whatever you will find (RF) Don't be a "could've been". Thinking back to what've should've been, You get bitter 'til you're witherin'. In this life you're a citizen of the universe, it is your right to begin again. So you fight tooth n' nail to reset it then. So live out from the crib to the hearse 'til you burst with the thirst and disperse without hesitance. 'til you turn to a veteran, no regrets in this world as it hurls through this sediment. Call it space, call it heaven then. Call it whatever you want 'til you're better spent. You can rant, you can vent, but the fact is - Time is the play, every minute is a practice. So, Know your lines. Know your cues. You can also improvise if you know the rules. Be a fool or a prince But be sure that the path that you laid were your prints. If you're playin' to win, you never understood the role. It's the journey that you made when you hit the goal. It's the learning on the way that'll make you whole. It's your burning curiosity that wakes your soul. 'cause the end is the end, and that's imminent, but it doesn't mean you pretend that all these bits in the middle became worthless. All the hurdles in your life were the purpose. When you wipe away the doubt, it'll surface. All the strife, the hurt, the curses. It is this I'm assured, and I'm certain. When you wend to the end, it was worth it. Lose all your burdens, you've earned it. You're immersed in verdant of life and affirmed it. It is this I'm assured, and I'm certain. When you get to the end, it was worth it. Of the world that you learned in - With your last line, bow as you close in the curtain. You're bound to do great. See the chance? Seize it, gun it out of the gate. The future's never set straight. Choose your path right now, it's the best date. And even when all of your plans are the best laid Roll with the punches, chalk it up as a test aid. Just think, step through and press play. Trust me, and you'll see your best days. Dusty and rusted, this pathway - It's better than the weathered track that you last made. Don't blink. Step through and press play. Just trust Chymes and you'll see your best days.
Daybreak 04:49
I've never felt eternal night before‬ ‪And yo, at first I thought I'd like it more Because at night ‬‪is when I like to think while writing on the floor.‬ ‪I like the quietness, enjoy the solitude‬ '‪cause in the day is action, in the night is milder mood. ‬ ‪Wilder dudes settle down with sunset‬ ‪But some get restless, and express: "it ain't fun yet" ‬ ‪But I ain't done yet - I'm sayin' that I dug the moon‬ ‪But after three nights in a row, I'd love some sun soon...‬ ‪And it was Sun Tzu who taught me how to run through‬ ‪opponents with my mind as the one tool. ‬ ‪But I can't fight the dark. I gotta trust the Mane.‬ ‪The ones entrusted with the Elements are in the game. ‬ ‪I miss the light, praise Celestia‬ ‪I'm hoping that these ponies bring it back to the rest of all Equestria‬ ‪Because I never really understood -‬ ‪I loved the badness of the night, only because the sun was good. ‬ (The sun will rise tomorrow The daylight's coming back home) ‪The blades of light, they skim across my eyes.‬ ‪My pupils dilate, contract in reaction of the sky.‬ ‪There's the sun on the rise where horizon breaks ‬ ‪And I can hear the gasp of the air that my lungs intake. ‬ ‪The girls did, I admit with a bit of admiration, ‬ ‪Defeat the night with the brightest light of an affirmation‬ ‪An assertation that friendship's based on a combination; ‬ ‪A reclamation of elements of the highest station. ‬ ‪And tie these notions of kindness, patience ~ the ways of ancients‬ ‪It levitated these ladies to make a blazing laser, ‬ ‪A rainbow spectrum that radiated in waves of vapor.‬ ‪Cascaded greatly to break the hatred of Nightmare's labor. ‬ ‪These major saviors were simply local Ponyville neighbors‬ ‪The Mane evaded the heinous aims that she tried to play there. ‬ ‪And they were able to take the hate & pain out that made her‬ ‪And in the fate of Equestria's night, it made them greater. ‬ ‪And later as the Sun had made its way to show its face there.‬ ‪We ponies celebrated, praised the day, the Sun would raise there. ‬ ‪The Sun would raise and finally my mouth could taste the day air. ‬ ‪My eyes could see the way there. I knew the Sun would take care.‬ ‪And I want to send my sentiments. ‬ ‪For if it wasn't in the harmony that built the elements.‬ ‪I'm feelin' that the ebbing of the night couldn't spell an end. ‬ ‪The mellowness of night that I liked... could be welcomed then.‬ (The sun will rise tomorrow The daylight's coming back home) ‪Sunrise, sunset, Sunday, some say the sun rays‬ ‪They run across the skies some day‬ ‪Sun plays, sun blaze, sun takes some dark days‬ ‪Makes them turn back to the dark age. ‬ ‪Sunshine sometimes, on the lines that I rhyme ‬ They run fine when I am writing the one time. ‬ ‪Sun burst, sun flare, sun hurts those times‬ ‪I'm just sittin' there, verse never getting air.‬ ‪Sun's the centre of the universe.‬ ‪I'm the first to say it‬ - when the sun's gone, often Luna's worse.
Submariner 04:00
Dive in to the deep Creep on the base of the reef, beneath. It's on the endlessness this bliss we exist. The distance is just this. Dust in the wind. Rust on the brim of the tin. Hushed is the breath on the skin. Sendin' it in, admit that you end on a grin But you won't, cause your friends with the sin. Put in the exits, your perspective connects this. All lines 'X' at the Nexus. And next to nothing. All this excess is chest to the puffing. Pillows bereft of the stuffing. I've been submerged so long My words they gurgle on In a sea of the sound that they dissipate Fade into the noise and disintegrate It stretches vast and wide Beneath the massive sky But I rhyme to the rhythm of the sea 'cause my flow is the flow within me Can't stop, the loop of the infinite. Or is it perceived the moves simply definite. But on a scope so grand that it's hard to see. This self deception instead is a part of me. I ain't never intended to benefit in this. I made up words and lyrics for y'all to get in this. To hear my verse, while I'm penning in these synonyms. This ain't to win, this is me looking in again. And you? My goodness, I couldn't be. Everything that I wrote right in front of me. What I bring, what I hope, while I'm plummeting. What I lie, What I steal, what I'm coveting. I swim and I sink, I taste salt on my tongue. And I think, I've made faults in my run but I bring a weight off of the sum, when I take... blame. Too many of us omit fault. In any case, plenty of us lack resolve. In the sea of our lives we have grown quite accustomed To float on, while our world's combusting. Trust in us this Earth? We're reluctant. Our luck we'll all get abducted. I'd put trust in an alien race, instead of the ones on Earth who are failing the day. And they are making it worse, in a state of decay. 'cause they're taking this hearse, and they're driving away. So. Open your eyes underwater. It stings a bit, but admit, you'll see farther. You ain't blind to the truth, you just closed your eyes. You ain't wise, you're just dry, time to moisturize. Be the change that you wanna see. Take a deep breath, dive, c'mon, swim with me. I know you're scared, i'm there with my sympathy. Be prepared cause this ocean's a symphony And it'll be as beautiful as you make it. We're submariners in this ocean oasis.
On the weathered edges of the page in the book of my life I would like to scribe a message in the night. This session that I'm penning is a flight from the mindscape Cinematic in design like the Lion's Gate Dramatic thoughts, and promises lost. And what is the cost? And how does it fall, the odds tossed? This accumulation of the past - it's vastly drastic And asking me to leave it behind? Well, that's it... 'Cause I've had a valley and peaks of rallies and weak times But I'm free to speak mine And to think, if I didn't it's like having a weak mind In a week's time I'd seek to rewind... But as I flip the pages of the script See the lines end. But new lines rise, I find them And I'm then resigned to write them The past few chapters of my life end. But - A clean slate, a blank page - the emptiness Whiter than the driven snow from a Winter's kiss Brighter than the glow from a hot ember, it's a rod tempered with odd memories of a sinner's bliss A new chapter now I'm graduating from my past with a cap and gown And ask me how. Life is like the cat's meow I wear this angelic coat like I'm Castiel Supernaturally fly It's tragically endearing like the 'Apples of My Eye'. In fear, I'm nearing a high, that I could never climb Right here I close my eyes and let my peers from behind... Lift me. This intimate gift means I can trust my fans hands are really with me. And if anything I'm ready to take the next step Because change without fear is the best. Invested in your self, your metamorphosis it develops and envelops you. Let it happen naturally, I'm tellin you. Filling shoes you're unwilling to was the telling clue Honeymoon period is up... I had a feeling too. I'm appealing you to listen Terrified of change isn't a strange position And there ain't no wisdom I can say to base it in But stay in the game, and don't play for plain winnin'. ~ Think about the life that you existed The fixed photographs of memories are screen captures of an instance Exits and entrances of evidence you touched lives Forever resident, and present in your rough eyes Because the wrinkles are the residue And when you blink it's for the future that's ahead of you. You're resolute with your attitude Proof that you had your youth, tested was the truth in your platitude Even then, you can laugh it off 'Cause that's an awful lot of struggles that you're passin' off My hat is off to those who've casted off the shackles of their flashbacks to an afterthought For man has sought deep space like an astronaut These new chapters I embrace like a wrapping cloth. This book is bound by a timeline wrought in the iron of the spine that replaces a master lock But you dip your pen in the inkwell For it's the path you've yet to tread that makes the ink spill It makes you think still living on the brink Will give you all the words you can drink But sip with bit of sense - savor the innocence Flavour is imminent, taste will begin when it has a chance I haven't answered your question But then again - every page in your life is a lesson.
Last Rays 04:45
I've loved every minute of it The whole day was splendid, magnificent and It could've been a bad day, but it wasn't. It doesn't even matter what I did before, does it? So - What is it about the last rays? Cut through the clouds as sun downs half way Beckon the night to rise like a calling Slow on the descent the sun slips, falling. Some silence - sun sighs in asylum Inside of the sky the night slides out of hiding. Sight is so exciting The moon might make a move, to do life right by its abiding. And I am riding on the rhythm of the wind The cool breeze hitting on the surface of the skin And it sends pins and needles, I feel it till I grin. A feeling like a healing rush, hush from within. Hush from within. Quiet for a moment. Alone with the universe as it opens. And the infinitesimal dots of the stars penetrate. Bars resonate, darkness regenerates. Hard to then relate to the great vast space As it bends, imperceptibly a fast pace. But I face it with both feet forward. I look to the stars as my breath moves towards it. The end of the course, of course unimportant. Learning from the journey is the source of the fortune. I'm sorting the world, array of the origins. The nightforce, born again pointing to the morning. The night is born and I escort it to the morning. The last rays are the night's forewarning. And I was scorned for it. To see the sunset fade though was fortunate. ~ The evening serenades me Displays an array like a fading painting. The same things that occur every other night. My brain makes things blur in another light. Try to explain, I can't, words can't reach. Slurred speech as my nerves burn, mind breached As I reach for an adjective. Imaginative with additives is all I can manage to give. For these adages at best need a catalyst Further analysis confirms the amalgamous Yeah - meaning a blend of the senses. Mixed emotions and thoughts co-dependence. To go and end this would be so reckless, Abandonment, man, it seems so relentless. So be it then, this pensive sentence It bends in another way, we’re splayed defenceless. Hence the sunset bliss as an interlude To an endless - mix of the dimmer hues Face of the night as it’s veiled by the galaxy The pale cheek of the moon shines gallantly I often dream that the pallor sheen goes As a silver satellite gallops by like a palomino I see no evil in the nightmare moon. But only Luna’s melancholy cries so soon. ~ And my eyes don’t swoon like they used to. It’ll take more than the dark to seduce you. You’ve been reduced to the second fiddle sister. That, and her prodigy has already convinced her To be the gap between sunset and nightfall. Ascended to the throne as an heir, rightful? So be mindful, she strikes when the time’s right. The last rays of the day, known as Twilight.
You can't erase a good memory. Those are moments you can never take away from me. Every second is encoded in a photograph And even though you're gone every moment I can hope to last. Our slowest dance I play on infinite. I only know you're real, cause I can still remember it. And though I know we'll never be again You're in molded in my mind, I close my eyes so I can see you then. I see you in the corner of my psyche. I dream of what it was, and what it might be. Exciting and inviting, our fleeting moment was lightning. Cause it was bright and it was fast, and passed just like a night's dream. You were phased in my reality, a 4th dimensional being Being graced by you challenged me. The fallacy was that you doubted me and my ability to keep you bound in my mentality. You can't just happen to me and leave. And then expect me just to disbelieve. 'cause in my synapse is our history. And this story's a mystery, and leads me to this misery. How i'm putting the pieces all together 'cause yesterday you were here, and now - you were never. You were kind, compassionate, really you were clever. I could find myself following you until forever... So how the hell did we ever get severed? For you to walk away from me clearly had to have effort. Indefinitely i've been emptied and left in the desert And in the air is this pressure, stressing my heart to Escher Meaning perspective's distorted and skewed. I'm in an infinite maze, with unlimited views. And though I want to see in black and white, a million shades of gray is making daylight blend into the night. And it's inside of me this hollow void. But though in spite of this emptiness - I'm not annoyed. Because I'd rather have you in my life and sadly lose you. Then live a life never knowing how badly I would choose you. It's that impression that you left in me. And showed me there's someone who brings the very best in me. "You and me" had to be the perfect recipe. And ask me if I found Happiness.... I'd say it has to be. You can't erase a good memory. Those are moments you can never take away from me. Every second is encoded in a photograph And even though you're gone every moment I can hope to last. Our slowest dance I play on infinite. I only know you're real, cause I can still remember it. And though I know we'll never be again. You're in molded in my mind, I close my eyes so I can see you then. You can't just happen to me and leave. And then expect me just to disbelieve. Cause in my synapse is our history. And this story's a mystery, and leads me to this misery. But every second with you, no regrets. And in the timeline of my life, this would go in "best". No other person will compare to you. One day I'll let you go, 'cause if I don't, it just ain't fair to you. You're my alpha and omega. You're the apple of my eye. You're my guiding star, Vega. You're my saint, you're my sin. In the game of life, you would be my fail and my win. And if I was a sail, you would be my wind. If I was a face, then you would be my grin. And if I was a race, then you would be the end. You will never be replaced, on that you can depend.


Cherax + Rhyme Flow = Chymes! three brand new intimate and inspirational tunes + three remastered classics + a romantic bonus track =3=


released March 29, 2015

album art by Jade Damboise Rail mydragonzeatyou.tumblr.com
Sharpieboss sharpieboss.tumblr.com
horseapparatus poniebones.tumblr.com
assembled by Rhyme Flow

special thanks to Michael, Luke, Nathan, and bubble tea




cxdr Sydney, Australia

2011-2017 ✩ music for magical girls ✩

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