by cxdr

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monuments to those buried elsewhere, or whose bodies are lost to us. a collection of songs about hope, despair, love, war, and the inevitable.


released April 23, 2014

musics by CxDr
artwork by slimeprnicess - slimeprnicess.tumblr.com

viola on 01 performed by Julian Byrnes
clarinet on 01 performed by James Perry
additional vocals on 02 performed by Haunted Hunters Choir
live drums on 01 + 05 recorded by Ryan K Brennan at Defwolf Studios
percussion samples all over the place courtesy of ToneScape's Small Mechanics - tonescape.de - thanks for the awesome pack, dude!

special thanks to -
Nat + the MHR crew - thanks for having me :)
Kumquat - for screaming
Chris + Ilene - online support crew <3
feminism - it's still relevant
all the cats in my life




cxdr Sydney, Australia

music by magical girls, for magical girls, about magical girls

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Track Name: Mayuri
in my dreams i've died a hundred times
and you were always there
reaching out to take my hand
and catching only air

in my dreams i've paid a hundred ways
for all of your mistakes
and i know you just can't stand the blame
but you've reified our fate
now you have to bear the pain

助けて, 岡部

in my dreams you try to save my life
but nothing ever turns out right
no matter what we do, it's like
the world just wants to see me die
and still you try to save my life
but it's more hopeless every time
a fault line slowly growing wider
tearing you apart inside
Track Name: Hymn of the Haunted Hunter
we are the hope of the godless
we are the ones to set things right
we slighted sons of bitches
from our shallow graves we rise and fight

now try and carve my heart out
well i wonder what's inside
come on and cut me open
make me bleed and you will find
a sharpened stone
a burning coal
a pipebomb waiting to explode
don't pretend like you don't know
you're the reason why i--

(and i just want to feel alive again
feel a spark beneath this skin)

with hardened stone and blazing coal
your precious god won't save your soul
you play it cool like you don't know
you're the reason why we fight

this heart of stone that feels so old
but flecked with blood and shining gold
will burn a hole right through your own
you're the reason why i fight

we are the haunted hunters
we were the children left behind
come back at last to battle
come to vindicate our past and wasted lives

just get me thirty minutes
in a room alone with god
let me meet your maker
shake his hand
flash a smile
a glint of white to hide the knife
let him know who took his throne
and then explode
Track Name: You and I at the End of Time
come away from the fire
i have seen it burn so many lives
stay close by my side now
i won't let it all come crashing down tonight

i've left so many selves in the dirt
to rot in the hells of past Marches
oh, the stinging scars i've prised apart
just to watch those eyes go dark
is it time again?

come away from the fire
i have seen it tear apart so many lives
stay close by my side now
this won't be the day i let you die

no, you'll survive this fight
i'll see you on the other side
you'll survive this fight...


but it burned so bright
and i just couldn't sit idly by--

after all this time
i finally got something right

(you'll survive this fight
i'll see you from the other side)
Track Name: Always, Somewhere
in my heart and mind,
you will never die