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Amity Lines

by Cherax Destructor

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Plucking strings and broken wings Are the things that defined my Ponyville summer When nice Nurse Mare from urgent care Put my wings in slings oh gosh what a bummer (but I'll abscond) But you wouldn't care when you're in the care of (where I'll have fun) When you're in the care of Lyra and Bon-Bon I looked all day for a place to stay But No Vacancy signs went on for miles They saw my cast, they didn't even ask They took me right in to stay for a while (but I don't mind) You wouldn't ask why when you're as desperate as I (out of the sun) No, you don't ask why when it's Lyra and Bon-Bon I watched them together while under the weather And couldn't believe my eyes Two ponies like this who share every kiss Like they'll share the rest of their lives It made me blue and a little bit green That they were flushed red with love I'm too yellow to tell them I'm leaving today Under the orange sunset above
<3 05:26
I have tried countless times to express, to my best extent, my heart's intent via words in my head, but trying to type by low-lit laptop light late at night - it's no dice! Eternal solipsist, I: perhaps a recluse to your outside view but you need to know how much I truly value you, so no poetry. I choose to show my amity through brute sincerity. You all mean the world to me. Please, know this.
Skies are dark, a lifeless sanguine abyss Keep hoping for a day when you think you'll be missed So start your journey, a thousand times you've done this before 'Cause the life worth living isn't there anymore Days turn to months to years as the centuries pass Every day feels longer than the rest you had 'Cause everywhere you go you find pieces of your past Bringing back the memories you forgot you had And every time you fall in love you know Remind yourself that you gotta let go Remember the moment you first felt alone Time and space don't mean a thing And why should they when you've lost the meaning they bring? It's just not every day you see a unicorn who forges her own way Reminding you, Colgate, to tie up loose ends What good is this love if you'll just get hurt again? What good is the morning if the night never comes? So keep your head up high Don't ever look back 'Cause girl it's worth a try Keep your sights straight forward So keep your head up high And soon you will see There's more to life than this game of immortality
On the weathered edges of the page in the book of my life I would like to scribe a message in the night. This session that I'm penning is a flight from the mindscape Cinematic in design like the Lion's Gate Dramatic thoughts, and promises lost. And what is the cost? And how does it fall, the odds tossed? This accumulation of the past - it's vastly drastic And asking me to leave it behind? Well, that's it... 'Cause I've had a valley and peaks of rallies and weak times But I'm free to speak mine And to think, if I didn't it's like having a weak mind In a week's time I'd seek to rewind... But as I flip the pages of the script See the lines end. But new lines rise, I find them And I'm then resigned to write them The past few chapters of my life end. But - A clean slate, a blank page - the emptiness Whiter than the driven snow from a Winter's kiss Brighter than the glow from a hot ember, it's a rod tempered with odd memories of a sinner's bliss A new chapter now I'm graduating from my past with a cap and gown And ask me how. Life is like the cat's meow I wear this angelic coat like I'm Castiel Supernaturally fly It's tragically endearing like the 'Apples of My Eye'. In fear, I'm nearing a high, that I could never climb Right here I close my eyes and let my peers from behind... Lift me. This intimate gift means I can trust my fans hands are really with me. And if anything I'm ready to take the next step Because change without fear is the best. Invested in your self, your metamorphosis it develops and envelops you. Let it happen naturally, I'm tellin you. Filling shoes you're unwilling to was the telling clue Honeymoon period is up... I had a feeling too. I'm appealing you to listen Terrified of change isn't a strange position And there ain't no wisdom I can say to base it in But stay in the game, and don't play for plain winnin'. ~ Think about the life that you existed The fixed photographs of memories are screen captures of an instance Exits and entrances of evidence you touched lives Forever resident, and present in your rough eyes Because the wrinkles are the residue And when you blink it's for the future that's ahead of you. You're resolute with your attitude Proof that you had your youth, tested was the truth in your platitude Even then, you can laugh it off 'Cause that's an awful lot of struggles that you're passin' off My hat is off to those who've casted off the shackles of their flashbacks to an afterthought For man has sought deep space like an astronaut These new chapters I embrace like a wrapping cloth. This book is bound by a timeline wrought in the iron of the spine that replaces a master lock But you dip your pen in the inkwell For it's the path you've yet to tread that makes the ink spill It makes you think still living on the brink Will give you all the words you can drink But sip with bit of sense - savor the innocence Flavour is imminent, taste will begin when it has a chance I haven't answered your question But then again - every page in your life is a lesson.
Amity Lines 03:58
To charter the heart seems a farcical task Its reaches extend past a physical start Arteries flow on untraceable paths And channel our love to the farthest of hearths The crackle of kindling, the burning of bark The sound and the light and the warmth of a fire in dark Ignites from intangible sparks That marvellous charge in us all
I've loved every minute of it The whole day was splendid, magnificent and It could've been a bad day, but it wasn't. It doesn't even matter what I did before, does it? So - What is it about the last rays? Cut through the clouds as sun downs half way Beckon the night to rise like a calling Slow on the descent the sun slips, falling. Some silence - sun sighs in asylum Inside of the sky the night slides out of hiding. Sight is so exciting The moon might make a move, to do life right by its abiding. And I am riding on the rhythm of the wind The cool breeze hitting on the surface of the skin And it sends pins and needles, I feel it till I grin. A feeling like a healing rush, hush from within. Hush from within. Quiet for a moment. Alone with the universe as it opens. And the infinitesimal dots of the stars penetrate. Bars resonate, darkness regenerates. Hard to then relate to the great vast space As it bends, imperceptibly a fast pace. But I face it with both feet forward. I look to the stars as my breath moves towards it. The end of the course, of course unimportant. Learning from the journey is the source of the fortune. I'm sorting the world, array of the origins. The nightforce, born again pointing to the morning. The night is born and I escort it to the morning. The last rays are the night's forewarning. And I was scorned for it. To see the sunset fade though was fortunate. ~ The evening serenades me Displays an array like a fading painting. The same things that occur every other night. My brain makes things blur in another light. Try to explain, I can't, words can't reach. Slurred speech as my nerves burn, mind breached As I reach for an adjective. Imaginative with additives is all I can manage to give. For these adages at best need a catalyst Further analysis confirms the amalgamous Yeah - meaning a blend of the senses. Mixed emotions and thoughts co-dependence. To go and end this would be so reckless, Abandonment, man, it seems so relentless. So be it then, this pensive sentence It bends in another way, we’re splayed defenceless. Hence the sunset bliss as an interlude To an endless - mix of the dimmer hues Face of the night as it’s veiled by the galaxy The pale cheek of the moon shines gallantly I often dream that the pallor sheen goes As a silver satellite gallops by like a palomino I see no evil in the nightmare moon. But only Luna’s melancholy cries so soon. ~ And my eyes don’t swoon like they used to. It’ll take more than the dark to seduce you. You’ve been reduced to the second fiddle sister. That, and her prodigy has already convinced her To be the gap between sunset and nightfall. Ascended to the throne as an heir, rightful? So be mindful, she strikes when the time’s right. The last rays of the day, known as Twilight.
Lights go out, the sun goes down I stand and turn around And watch the stars above me Time goes by, and I fall apart Things come and go and try to break my heart I'm trapped and I can't seem to break free Constellations We're all fighting to find the truth With determination I'll fill the void between me and you Looking up I will depart I'll spread my wings so take my heart To the constellations and make my dreams come true Take me back to where I once was Turn on the lights in the sky above I'm lost in the bitter darkness I can't breathe in your atmosphere Where have I gone, and how did I get here? I'm trying but I can't escape this


The world's first friendship-hop album! A collection of remixes I've made over the last year and a half of my stay in the MLP fandom, remastered for your listening pleasure.


released October 20, 2013

album art by And the Rainfall

~special thanks~
Rhyme Flow - for making my beats just so so so much better
Harry - the most eager pre-listener around!
Don - you, you're awesome <3
everyone in my comments sections - gosh dangit I love you guys
all the awesome artists I've remixed - never stop
and all my friends who really don't like my little pony but have tolerated my bizarre and quite frankly unhealthy obsession for two years now




cxdr Sydney, Australia

2011-2017 ✩ music for magical girls ✩

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