all i see is stars

by cxdr

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from "someone else's story," out July 6th





cxdr Sydney, Australia

music by magical girls, for magical girls, about magical girls

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Track Name: all i see is stars (single ver.)
in soft light
or drowned out in periphery
you may find a piece of me

in focus, i'll fake it
sketch lines that form a forced smile
waiting for this sound and light
to slow solidify inside

but it's taking its time

and i
can't live like this
in whispers,
as a spectre
floating faceless
out in middle distance

in truth, i've forgotten
who i was
or wanted to be
before these chemicals
worked their way into my dreams

and i'm told they'll make me more like me
i was sold, to think my soul just might be seen
but i've lost sight of what those words even mean any more
i was sure,
with enough time and love
i could reach for the rungs
i could pull myself out
but now—

down here in the dark
all i see is stars